Submission Call

Eris is the goddess of discord, and as such she is maleficent. She deals in jealousy, (un)spinning chaos from its loose threads. Daughter of Nix, night is pregnant with her threat. Emerging out of the dissolution of dark times, dark’s chaotic vagueness, she comes to play with our fears. A trickster, she has no brute strength of her own. She knows too well that our fears and weaknesses are the greatest weapon against ourselves, and against those who are like us. She knows that creatures who are most similar, who have the same needs, the same fears, are each others’ easiest enemy, least willing to share, most ready for strife. She rolls a golden apple into a gathering of equals, knowing each will covet something that will set them apart, put them above another, and so plants the seed of the war of wars. Dis-cor… unraveller of hearts, hope and bravery, disturber of the core that keeps things together. She orbits at the edge of our habits and relations, awaiting opportunities to pull our strings and assert her distinguishing powers. Because of course she too is fearful, needful, jealous. Her music is the breakdown of relations, her eminence is friction. But her weakness is the possibility that, broken down in chaos, we could be free to see our parts more clearly, and from chaos weave new designs. 

Abridged is looking for poetry and/or art on these contagious times and the response to it.. You can send up to three poems or pieces of art. Poems should be sent on Word (or equivalent) to and all emails should have a name and message. Otherwise it may go into the Spam folder and we might not see it. The deadline for submission is 26th April. Please note, given the world as is, this is a digital issue only.

Image by Zoe Murdoch:

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