Abridged 0 – 2: Damaged Collateral

This was our second issue. The design was better, the paper wasn’t. Again we really liked the content, especially some of the art which was beginning to be recognisably ‘Abridged’. This was actually accompanied by an exhibition, the first ‘Official’ Abridged show ever, at Context Galleries. We wanted to build a maze. Unfortunately we didn’t have the money for that. But it was still a groovy show.

The issue featured: George Bolster; Denzil Browne; Amanda Dunsmore; Fiona Larkin; James Lumsden; Sean Lynch; Theresa Nanigian; Ruth Rogers; Kimberley Montgomery; John McCartney; Conor McFeely; Errol Scott; Birgit Salling Hansen; Paul Perry; Jonathan Baillie; Doris Rohr; Rachel Mooney; Louise Cherry; Gerald Dawe; Aisling Doherty.